Ryan Sachetta

Ryan Sachetta graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Journalism. A native of San Antonio, Ryan returned to the Alamo City in August 2010. When the NBA isn’t stuck in a lockout, Ryan’s writings about the San Antonio Spurs appear in the San Antonio Current. He openly prescribes youtube links of terrible songs (no irony here) to his friends and strangers (By request).

Bio Photo

Rats, you caught me: this is the bare, desiccated bones — Lyle D Rosdahl received his undergraduate from Concordia University and graduated with an MFA from Goddard College and has been published in Tarpaulin SkyArt Voice and Press 1 V4N1V4N3. A self published work called La Loteria and other writings are available to view or download from his website: Dead Rats Press. He facilitates and contributes to Postcard Fiction Collaborative and edits a monthly flash fiction section for the San Antonio Current.He lives in San Antonio, Texas. Reach his pitiable remains here.

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